The organization of TRANSRAIL Connection

TRANSRAIL Connection‘s goal is simple: bringing together European companies (manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors) around targeted meetings in order to detect potential technological and commercial partnerships.


B2B meetings

B2B meeting are pre-organized targeted meetings. With duration of 30 minutes each, these meetingsare a first contact to consider future partnerships. To optimize the relevance of your B2B meetings, the complete listing of the companies participating is sent to you a few weeks before the event; it describes the technical skills of the suppliers / exhibitors and the projects of the contractors/visitors.


Organized in parallel to the B to B meetings, the objective of the conferences is to inform you about the evolutions of the market and to show you a panorama of the latest technologies developed by the actors of the railway. They have duration of 30 minutes each.

  • The Thematic Conferences are led by specialists’ stakeholders of the railway sector, and give the trend evolutions of their market, both on a structural and technological plan.
  • Innovation Workshops are led by suppliers / exhibitors (SMEs/SMIs and research center) participating at TRANSRAIL Connection. They present a new technology or an innovative process with a railway application.

Round Table

The topic of the 2015 Round Table; organized by Ville, Rail & Transports, is not yet available.

To get further information about the previous Round Table organized (2015), please visit the Round Table Section.



Other partnerships to be confirmed